Welcome to the Town of Sharpsburg!




Town Council Meeting

Sharpsburg Recreation Center


August 5, 2019






Call Council Meeting to Order


Pledge of Allegiance


Establish Quorum


Public Hearing           None Scheduled


Review/Approval of Minutes –

            Council Meeting – July 1, 2019

                                                                                                Approved 5 – 0


  1. Resolution – 2019 Millage Rate                                  Approved 5 - 0          
  2. Budget Review Second Quarter                                No Action Taken
  3. Resolution – Renaming A& O Bridges Recreation Center to A & O Bridges Community Center                                                 Approved 5 - 0
  4. Water Waste Ordinance 1st Reading                          Approved 5 - 0
  5. Resolution – Adopt Fee Schedule 1st Reading           Approved 5 - 0
  6. Resolution - GMA Workers Compensation Self-Insurance Fund

                                                                                    Approved 5 - 0

  1. Arbor Valley Landscaping Quote for Pine Straw      Approved 5 - 0
  2. Pressure Washing Gazebo Quotes                             Approved 5 - 0
  3. Brennan Jones Engineering Associates – Invoices/Funding

                                                                                    Approved 5 - 0




  1. CPC - Custom Products Corporation Invoice for Street Signs

                                                                                    Approved 5 - 0

  1. Quotes for Speed Humps/Speed Tables                   Approved 5 - 0


Public Comments


Polling of Council


Clerk's Comments




Mayor's Minutes

                        Thank You Letters for Community Clean Up Day


Executive Session

                          Personnel Matter                                                                  Approved 5 - 0



Learn More About Sharpsburg

Librarian Job Opening - Job Description


Town looking for citizen participation and input

SHARPSBURG, GA – Sharpsburg is looking for volunteers to take part in three citizen committees, focused in three areas: Planning & Development, Parks & Recreation, and Public Works. Initial appointments will be for one year.

“Sharpsburg is a fast-growing area with the potential to become a vibrant, active community. To achieve this, we need the help of our citizens, business owners, and anyone who wants to work with the town,” Cole says. “We are looking for people with an interest in their community, subject matter experts, or people with a passion for these particular topics.”

The Citizen Committees, led by a member of the Town Council, will assist and advise the full town council on projects, needs, and make recommendations regarding service delivery. They will provide citizen input, volunteer for tasks suited to their skills, and take ownership of Council priorities. The first term appointees will also be designing the commission reporting and administrative structure. Committee responsibilities will include:

Planning & Development Commission will focus on supporting and improving elements of the town’s comprehensive plan, including zoning, design standards, and recruiting businesses for future growth.

Parks & Recreation will focus on cultural programs, greenspace development, and promoting the town’s growing list of amenities and attractions, including the Bridges Recreation Center and Staley Park.

Public Works will focus on infrastructure needs, upcoming utility development, and beautification, including ordinance enforcement.

Residents, business or property owners, and others are encouraged to sign up. Town residency is not required; those living in nearby neighborhoods are welcome to volunteer. The sign up form is located here, and will be available through March 15th. Initial committee meetings will begin in April 2019.

If you would like more information, please call Blue Cole at 770-251-4171, ext. 101 or email bcole@townofsharpsburg.com.